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To contribute in the progress of public policies which support the development of initiatives and progress related to emerging jobs, deriving from technological solutions.

WorkerTech Argentina is a project carried out by Civic House with the support of BID Lab.

Within new job arrangements as the 21st century is concerned, we can find platform jobs that provide products or services by the hour or task in as many different sectors as you can imagine through the use of technological apps.
This evolving phenomenon represents a quick resource to find jobs and obtain incomes by digitizing consumption, and at the same time it is a challenge when it comes to access social protection, ensuring information, professional development and/or organization of job duties. To face all the mentioned above, WorkerTech is created, offering benefits for workers and/or protection systems concerning their rights and the defense of the latest. 

Oportunidades de desarrollo y formación a trabajadores de plataformas digitales.
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