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Research and advocacy on public policies and technology

We promote discussions on democracy and the digitalization of citizenship in Latin America, as well as discovering opportunities for digital transformation.


Why Civic Compass?

We believe the future of technology should be oriented to citizens as users and consumers of the Internet. 

The rise of major platforms, coupled with the digitalization of governments and civil society, call for a diverse conversation about how technological innovations impact the public interes.

For this reason, Civic House has created a research and advocacy program on public policies and technology.

Our commitment is to cultivate awareness and fostering engagement in Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico. We aim to empower a wider spectrum of social contributors, enabling them to influence the formulation of policies and laws shaped by the dynamic evolution and utilization of the Internet.


Our Core Focus Areas





The rise of major platforms, coupled with the digitalization of governments and civil society, requires evidence for a diverse conversation about the impacts of technological innovations for public interest.

We are dedicated to exploring and analyzing the expanding digital impact on citizenship. 

Regulating online civic participation platforms: Should policy-makers discriminate between content moderation in digital social impact platforms vs “Big Techs”?
THE DIGITAL TOWN SQUARE: Crafting Policy for Online Civic Platforms
Double Clicking on Digital Politics: A Comparative Study of Digital Political Advertising in Latin America and the UK
PIXELS AND POLITICS: A Comparative Study of Digital Political Advertising in Latin America and the UK
Data Protection Laws and Civil Society:
Navigating the GDPR Impact
Civil Society Under Data Protection Laws:
A Policy Perspective
Autoridades Electorales y Plataformas Digitales en Argentina: Un análisis sobre la elección presidencial 2023
Acceso a la Información Pública, Datos Abiertos, y Protección de Datos Personales: ¿cómo dialogan entre sí?
Entrenamento de incidencia



Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in creating positive societal impacts. However, in Latin America, they often lack the resources and influence that the private sector enjoys, which limits their involvement in policy formulation. This is why we are committed to enhancing their influence and impact.

In 2023 we launched our advocacy training program for civil society organizations in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

Is an Impact Strategies Bootcamp aimed at NGOs who look at scaling their advocacy impact through the use of technology. 





We specialize in fostering well-informed dialogues among pertinent stakeholders, researchers, and technology professionals. Our objective is to foster responsible work ecosystems. Furthermore, we actively advocate for technological solutions that yield substantial benefits within work environments.

Its main objective is to contribute with innovative solutions to the challenges faced by emerging jobs, specially those using online platforms, through new initiatives as well as contributions for the enhancement of public policies.

impulsado por BID LAB 

Seguridad online y protección de derechos 
Dialogo y fortalecimeno

En 2023 organizaciones de derechos del niño solicitaron nuestro apoyo para organizar una serie de debates integrales destinados a mejorar los estándares de los servicios digitales relacionados con infancias en Argentina, particularmente desde las perspectivas de la privacidad y la libertad de expresión. Como parte integral de esta iniciativa, se invitó a Leanda Barrington-Leach, Directora de 5Rights Foundation, a compartir sus conocimientos y experiencia sobre la privacidad y mitigación del daño a los niños en el ámbito digital.

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Our Alliances

These are the organizations, governments and companies that trust Civic Compass for their research and advocacy projects.

Our team


Gastón Wright


Advocacy Coordinator

Maricel Lonati


Director of Public Policy and Research

Cecilia Galván


Operations Analyst

Natalia Tedesco


Social Impact Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Marco Di Natale


Communications Manager

Victoria Bembibre


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