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We launch POLIS, Policy with Impact from Civil Society! - Term EXTENDED!

From Civic Compass, our research and insight unit, We are launching POLIS, a public policy advocacy training program for civil society organizations in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

POLIS is a free program and a unique opportunity to enhance the impact we have from the social sector. Interested organizations can apply here

until and including May 2 (extended deadline!)

Social sector organizations are relevant actors when it comes to generating important changes in society, but in Latin America they do not have access to the same resources and spaces of influence as the sector private sector, which affects their ability to participate in policy making.

At Civic Compass we propose to use our research, experience and access to resources to accompany civil society organizations or interest groups that want to generate a concrete reform at the level of regulation / public policy.

In this program you will access the same tools and strategies that are available in the private sector to have a greater impact on your campaigns. The participating teams will be able to strengthen their capacities to have an active role in informing the design of regulations or public policies that affect civil society. For example,

  • they will learn to use digital tools to generate campaigns with impact

  • incorporate good practices for communicating with stakeholders

  • devise strategies to engage with policy makers by offering actionable recommendations.

  • they will be able to put together the power map within the context in which they work, as well as identify the different actors who can support or oppose their actions.

  • they will learn how to write bills, resolutions and other legislative tools at the national, provincial and local levels.

In its first edition, the program is open to organizations from Argentina, but very soon Mexico and Colombia will also be able to access POLIS.

Download more information about the program below:

_Polis _ entrenamiento y asesoria en incidencia política (1)
Download PDF • 212KB

Comment your concerns and comments and get ready to take off with POLIS!



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